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Are you facing challenges in driving sales in your international e-commerce website? In business, there is no shortcut to profitability. You must work hard and sell products to generate any revenue. This aspect does not change when selling online. Like the brick and mortar businesses, you have several options for enhancing the visibility and reachability of your e-commerce website. One of these options is optimization.

Optimization is a term referring to the enhancement of various aspects in your website to make it easy for you to reach out visitors from a specific niche. As a webpreneur, you must drive traffic from different sources to harness your sales. For you to achieve this goal, you need to apply different optimization techniques. Here are the four most ignored optimizations that can transform your international e-commerce website sales:

Search Engine Optimization

In the process of developing your e-commerce website, the expert will advise you to focus on SEO – search engine optimization. SEO is the backbone of online marketing. Without it, your online marketing activity will be incomplete. Even if you are selling high-quality products and charging an affordable price, without the search engines optimization aspect, you will not make any sale. The process will be like selling products indoors. If you do not open your store doors, can anyone have access to them? Certainly, the answer is no. Also, search engines are the main source of organic traffic. The organic traffic carries the highest number of potential buyers. As an international-oriented webpreneur, you must prioritize SEO in your website. Hence, ensure your international e-commerce platform is SEO friendly.

Social media optimization (SMO)

The ignorance of the social media is the best formula to a failed online business. In the past decades, social media platforms were places for meeting and chatting with peers. With the realization that social media ranks second in the online market sizes, this aspect changed. It is now a substantial business tool. For your online venture to excel, you need to develop a solid following on the social platforms. Also, you must have the ability to convert the following into leads. In this essence, Social Media Optimization (SMO) is crucial. SMO entails the preparation of your website for social platforms. This involves designing shareable marketing and promotional messages. Everything you post on your website must create a sense of sharing on the social media. Your international e-commerce website must have social media icons to enhance the sharing.

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News Feed Optimization

The next optimization that can scale your international sales is Newsfeed optimization. This optimization entails designing a website to ensure it earns a natural appearance of its content on the Facebook news feed. Certainly, you know that Facebook is the king of the social platforms. This aspect makes it a significant social marketing tool. For you to gain these benefits, you need to connect your Facebook page with your international e-commerce website. Also, you must work hard to ensure your fans remain engaged by ensuring your Facebook page feeds appear on your follower profile news feed. Also, you should request every customer to like your social pages to harness your News feed optimization.

Email marketing optimization

As you might be aware, email marketing is one of the leading techniques for promoting your online venture. With the desire to build a customer base, many webpreneurs are seeking ways to encourage email subscriptions. If you check on many e-commerce and general websites and blogs, you will find click funnels. The owners are requesting you to exchange your email with a free product or a certain gift. As a webpreneur, you need to develop and optimize your click funnels. This way, you will collect a lot of customer information which will boost your international e-commerce sales. However, ensure you follow the new GPDR regulations in your mission.